Dr. Terry Shaw Director, Ruth Young Center

Dr. Terry Shaw
Director, Ruth Young Center

Welcome to the web portal for the Ruth H. Young Center (RYC) for Families and Children.  At the RYC we strive to promote the safety, permanence, stability, and well-being of children, youth, and families in their communities through research and evaluation; education and training; best practice service programs; and organizational development. 

Our website is designed to provide information about the various activities in which faculty and staff at the RYC are engaged.  You can find links to information for each of the four primary areas:  Practice Innovation; Professional Development; Research and Evaluation; and Organizational Development; as well as information on the faculty and staff who are the key to our success.  

We are actively involved in: 

  • training child welfare workers, supervisors, and program managers across the state of Maryland; 
  • working with our partners in the Department of Human Resources, Social Services Administration to implement methods for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of child welfare services; 
  • training resource parents and families across the state of Maryland; 
  • providing educational internships to MSW and BSW students in public child welfare agencies 
  • working with state child serving agencies to fully utilize administrative data to answer policy and outcome questions through the Child Welfare Accountability project and LINKs (Linking Information to eNhance Knowledge);
  • providing direct service to local families and opportunities for students through the Family Connections programs; 
  • helping state and community based agencies design and implement methods for evaluating outcomes; and
  • providing training and technical assistance to agencies nationwide to better serve vulnerable families and prevent child maltreatment through the implementation of Family Connections Replication; 
  • partnering with agencies nationwide to implement trauma-informed, evidence-based practices through specialized learning, clinical and peer consultation, coaching and organizational support.

We hope you enjoy learning more about us.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the material we have produced or opportunities to partner on projects.  

Terry V Shaw, PhD, MSW, MPH Director, Ruth Young Center

Terry V Shaw, PhD, MSW, MPH
Director, Ruth Young Center