Georgia Implementation Project

The Georgia Department of Human Services, Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) partnered with the Atlantic Coast Child Welfare Implementation Center (ACCWIC) and the National Resource Center for Child Protective Services (NRCCPS) on a project called “Springboard Georgia."   Springboard Georgia is the implementation of a new safety practice model through the use of implementation science. 

DFCS is committed to building its organizational capacity to implement and sustain practice change and performance improvement gains more effectively.  The first major practice change will be the Safety Response System (SRS), which DFCS is developing in consultation with the NRCCPS.  SRS is a state of the art, safety driven child welfare practice model that incorporates differential response.  The application of implementation science during the SRS project helps ensure individual practitioners are fully supported in changing their practice, allow for a sustainable transfer of learning process for future child welfare practice initiatives, and enhance the competencies of Georgia’s mid-level managers, thereby supporting leadership succession planning.

In September 2012, DFCS began to pilot test the first phase of the SRS in two counties, Richmond (an urban county) and Sumter (a rural county).  Lessons from the pilot have been used to refine and finalize policy, procedures, training curricula, coaching strategies, quality case reviews, communication strategies, and planning for SACWIS modifications in order to support statewide implementation.