2014 Title IV-E MSW Student of the Year...

Congratulations, Karen Winfrey!

This award is given to a graduating MSW student who has demonstrated an outstanding level of initiative, competence, and commitment in a field placement providing child welfare services. I am very pleased to announce that this year’s awardee is Ms. Karen Winfrey. Ms. Winfrey was nominated by her faculty field liaison, Ms. Barbara Nathanson, and agency field instructor (and Title IV-E alum), Amanda Bishop at the Washington County Department of Social Services, who had this to say about Karen: “Karen has strong clinical insight and professionalism.  It was an honor to have the opportunity to work with her.  Her love of knowledge and desire to provide excellent services will no doubt bring her many successes in her future endeavors”.        

Our Title IV-E faculty note that Karen has participated in the Title IV-E program during both of her internships in the MSW program---as a foundation student providing Family Preservation services at the Frederick County DSS and as advanced student, providing child protective services at the Washington County Department of Social Services.  It is worth noting that without being asked, her field instructors both years have made a point of letting the Title IV-E faculty know about Karen’s commitment to her clients, her work ethic, and unflappability in the face of unexpected situations—and I might add that the unexpected is one thing you can count on in child welfare practice.  

Karen was chosen from a pool of very qualified nominees.  Karen is our awardee because of her very obvious “heart” for child welfare services, and the way she has embraced fully the goals of the Title IV-E program to be effective in achieving safety, permanency and wellbeing for children and families, and to doing it skillfully it with empathy, respect, and a collaborative spirit.   In all of our interactions with Karen, we see her giving 100% and more.  

Please join me in acknowledging her accomplishments as she graduates and begins her career in child welfare services at the Washington County DSS, where she has been offered a child welfare position.