Child Welfare Academy Curriculum Development

The Child Welfare Academy is committed to high quality in person and distance learning opportunities for professionals throughout the child welfare continuum.  CWA engages in a systematic approach to curriculum development using best practices in instructional design.  Trained curriculum writers work as a team to develop facilitator guides and companion materials reflective of innovative and best practice research as well as relevant, concrete skills for working with children and families.

Professionals participating in CWA training programs experience opportunities for practice-based, interactive classroom discussions and simulations.  Frequently, in class activities will draw upon workers’ own active cases for in class rehearsal and coaching on new skills and tools.  The Child Welfare Academy’s rigorous curriculum development process ensures each original curriculum and learning event addresses the needs of participants while attending to adult learning styles for optimal acquisition of skills and knowledge.  

Professionals leave training with practical skills and desk reference tools that can be applied immediately to their casework for increased professional success and to promote quality and effective child welfare practice.

The Child Welfare Academy has developed trainings on diverse topics including:

  • Alternative Response Child Protection Systems

  • Trauma Informed Child Welfare Practice

  • Forensic Interviewing

  • Social Work Ethics

  • Facilitation of Family Involvement meetings

  • Interpersonal Violence

If you would like more information about CWA training curricula and materials, please contact