Development and implementation of enhanced transfer of learning (ToL) strategies for both workers and supervisors is a focus of the Child Welfare Academy. In order to support the application of classroom learning to everyday practice in the field, training on ToL best practices are available to workers, supervisors, and administrators. 


ToL refers to the ability to apply what is learned in training to actual practice in the field. In an effort to better support ToL, the CWA has created a series of ToL tip sheets for specific trainings. The tip sheets include a description of the training, learning objectives, and ToL tips/strategies for both the worker and supervisor before and after training. You can access existing ToL tip sheets here, and they will also be sent out with registration confirmations, to both workers and their supervisors, beginning in January 2018.

To get the most from the training, the supervisor and worker should review the tip sheet and discuss training objectives prior to the training, and then meet again after the training to discuss and implement post training strategies.

This is just the start! ToL tip sheets will continue to be developed and added for additional CWA classes in the future.

Click the training title below to view, download, or print the ToL tip sheet: