Effective January 2018

The Child Welfare Academy Training Program does NOT follow the local public school system’s schedule. Because of the varied weather patterns throughout the state during the winter, and recent individualized or regional closures based on weather conditions, the Child Welfare Academy has adjusted the inclement weather policy. As a general rule, the Child Welfare Academy follows the State of Maryland Government schedule for delays and closures. However, please be advised that there are variations to the policy based upon the circumstances (see below). We will update the CWA Inclement Weather Line as soon as we receive notice from the State of Maryland or the University. The CWA Inclement Weather Line can be reached at 410-706-3637/Option 5. 

  • If Maryland State Government is granted liberal leave or delayed opening, all CWA trainings are canceled or delayed the specified allotted time.

  • In the event the State of Maryland grants select jurisdictions liberal leave or closure and the training is occurring at the location, then training will be canceled or follow the delay for that jurisdiction.

  • When the training is located at on the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus, it is important to look for the University's operating plan in addition to the State of Maryland. In the event Maryland State Government is operating normally, however the University of Maryland, Baltimore is delayed or closed, then the training held on the University's campus will be delayed or canceled, respectively.

  • Please check the CWA Inclement Weather Line at 410-706-3637/Option 5 for updates.


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will only be provided for full attendance of an in-service training. Staff will not receive partial credit for attending portions of the training.

Individuals who miss more than 30 minutes of a training for any reason (e.g. traffic, work issues, family, illness) will not be eligible to receive CEUs for their participation.

Staff who miss more than 30 minutes of training are welcome to audit the class.

If at any point, including the day of the offering, you realize that you will not be able to attend or you have already taken the training, please DROP the offering in the LearnCenter as soon as possible. This allows CWA to admit waitlisted registrants or make sure the offering has sufficient registrations to proceed. CLICK HERE to log into the LearnCenter.