CWA LearnCenter Frequently Asked Questions

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This page lists the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) users have.

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 How do I enroll in a class/workshop/offering?
 Go to the Training Catalog page.

Click the name of the session you want to enroll in.
 In the window that appears, click Enroll, either at the top right or bottom right of the window.
After you've enrolled in a session, it will be listed on the My Training page. 
How can I tell if a class is full?
  1. Go to the Training Catalog page.
  2. Click the name of the class you want enroll in.
  3. The Enrollment Information box appears.
  4. The Seats Remaining field indicates whether the session is full.
How do I drop a registration?
  1. Go to the My Training page.
  2. Click the name of the enrollment you want to drop.
  3. Click Drop.
  4. You will receive a message that indicates that you have been removed from the enrollment. 
    What if I forget my password?
    On the Login page, click Forgot password?
    Does the CWA LearnCenter session time out?
    The CWA LearnCenter session will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity.
    Should I disable my Popup Blocker?
    Yes. You should add this site to your list of allowed sites for popups.


    What happens when I finish a workshop?  Where does my workshop go?  Where is my CEU certificate?
    • When an offering is over, it will move from your My Training page, to your My Training History page.
      • “Over” means that either the date has passed or you were marked as “Complete” in our system.
      • A status of “Completed” means that you have met the attendance requirement.
    • After each offering, we will mark your attendance. Please allow for at least 10 business days for us to enter this information into the CWA LearnCenter.
    • Once this information has been entered, you will then be able to retrieve, on-demand, your certificate of completion. Simply hover your curser over the offering name and then click on the icon.
    I've registered for an offering.  Now, how do I find the location address and parking information?
    1. On the My Training page, click on the offering's title.
    2. A window will pop up.
    3. In the newly popped up window, click on the offering's title again.
    4. Another window will pop up.
    5. Use the scroll bar to scroll to the bottom of this window.
    6. The Location Information is located at the bottom of this pop up window.
     Where are all the classes that I took before? How do I retrieve those CEU certificates online?
    If you need a duplicate certificate from a course that was offered prior to April 1, 2015, you must still call 410.706.3637 or email your request to  Going forward from April 1, 2015 you will be able to retrieve your CEU certificates from the My Training History portion of the CWA LearnCenter.
    What is the attendance policy for In-Services?
    Continuing Education Units (CEU) will only be provided for full attendance of an in-service training. No longer will staff receive partial credit for attending portions of the training.
    Individuals who miss more than 30 minutes of a training for any reason will not be eligible to receive CEUs for their participation.
    Staff who miss more than 30 minutes of training are welcome to audit the class.