Family Connections-Replication Work

Bring Family Connections to Your Organization

Families with children between the ages of birth - 18 years old are the target population for Family Connections.  Family Connections (FC) Core Components:

  • Intake & screening  
  • Outreach & engagement 
  • Concrete/emergency services  
  • Comprehensive family assessment (including the use of standardized clinical assessment instruments) 
  • Outcome driven case/service plans with SMART goals 
  • Change focused interventions (Minimum of 1 hour per week to support achievement of SMART goals & advocacy/service facilitation)
  • Case/service plan evaluation/progress assessment (at least every 90 days after the initial case plan) – including the assessment of change over time using standardized assessment instruments
  • Closure of service

Length of Service
Versions of FC have been delivered for 3, 4, 6, 9, or 12 months, partly dependent on the target population. Since shorter interventions have demonstrated greater cost effectiveness in relation to risk and protective factors, most agencies choose to serve families intensively for 3 months (post assessment) with the option of delivering another 3 months of intervention if family circumstances indicate high need.

Staff Qualifications
Staff should be a BSW or MSW under the supervision of an Advanced MSW Clinical Social Work Supervisor.  At least one hour of individual consultative supervision/coaching and one hour of group supervision is required per week.

Fidelity criteria focus on performance of core intervention components (e.g., at least one hour per week of face to face change focused interventions), rather than a pre-determined caseload size. Most social workers are able to meet fidelity with caseloads of 8-10 families.

Process & Costs of Implementation 

Exploration & Adoption

  1. Provide information about Family Connections to review by agency leadership.
  2. Initial Phone or online consultation to explore “fit” with agency goals
  3. 1‐day Orientation with Agency Implementation Team
    • Including individualized agenda/plan
    • Cost: $6,400, agency makes handouts for participant leaders
  4. Negotiation of installation and implementation budget based on needs/size of agency.

Work with replicating organization to tailor Family Connections to the local site, 20-25 days at $1,800 per day plus travel, number of days on site dependent on agency

  • Review of existing program policies/procedures/requirements
  • Consult on development of an implementation plan (template)
  • Consult on Family Connections intervention manual revisions proposed by agency leaders for congruence with agency  and purpose/requirements
  • Agree on operationalization of fidelity criteria
  • Guide implementation team to develop a logic model, select standardized clinical assessment measures, make decisions about needed changes to agency information system, and case record documentation system (e.g., case plan format, case progress assessment format)
  • Develop learning plan (e.g., breakdown of on-site training days, practicum) 
  • Develop training materials based on training plan (in collaboration with implementation team who will contribute sample case materials) and copy adapted intervention manual for all participants

Deliver Training According to Training Plan

  • Worker/Supervisory/Program Director Training 5 days of on-site training
    • split into 2 weeks with a practicum
    • agency provides location and manages logistics
  • Cost
    • $2,800 per participant
    • minimum of 5 participants
  • Supervisors and program directors
    • Trained first in 1 – 4 days of supervisory/coaching training dependent on agency size
    • Cost for supervisory training range - $5,000 - $7,700 per participant

Initial Implementation

  1. On-Site Coaching and consultation
    • Monthly phone/Go-To Meeting consultation, coaching, technical assistance post implementation based on agency agenda/needs
    • ½ day per month per supervisor (planning and direct TA) 
    • 6 days on site for group meetings
      • planning, on-site meetings, travel days = $35,400
      • on site TA optional
  2. Collaborate on format for agency fidelity self- assessment instruments
    • based on operationalization of fidelity criteria during installation 
    • 5 days @ $1800 per day= $9,000
  3. Review agency fidelity self-assessments
    • required every 6 months
    • 2 days @ $1800 for each review (x 2 = $7,200)
  4. Conduct 2-4 day on-site fidelity assessment
    • required every 6 months following agency self-assessment
    • including case reviews
      • 3 days (3 days on site and 1 day travel)
      • $1800 per day plus $500/day travel = $18,400

For More Information, Contact

Diane DePanfilis, PhD, MSW
Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College
2180 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10035
Office - 212-396-7867

NOTE:  Installation and Implementation Training and Technical Assistance provided via ACTION for Child Protection. and the Ruth H. Young Center for Families and Children at the University of Maryland,