Families and Technology Implementation at the Family Tree

Led by Dr. Kantahyanee W. Murray, the purpose of this study is to develop a mobile phone text messaging intervention component to augment an existing child maltreatment group-based parent training prevention intervention offered by The Family Tree.

Development of the intervention will be informed by survey data on parents' accessibility, use, and experiences using new technologies.  The proposed research will contribute to the scant evidence base regarding the integration of new technologies to enhance child maltreatment prevention interventions. The project will lead to the testing of a text messaging intervention component that will yield evidence to inform child maltreatment prevention interventions. 

The current phase of this project aims to understand parents' accessibility, use, and experiences regarding new technologies such as the internet and cellular phones through the administration of an anonymous survey.

Dr. Kantahyanee W. Murray

For project information, contact:

Kantahyanee W Murray, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
University of Maryland, School of Social Work
410-706-6341 / kmurray@ssw.umaryland.edu